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The cross-application time sheet (CATS) enables you to transfer personnel costs to a cost object in Cost Object Controlling.


The time sheet is a cross-application function. It transfers data to other application components such as Controlling.


Make the required settings in Customizing under   Cross-Application Components   Time Sheet  .


You can use time sheets for the following purposes:

  • Processing your own working times

  • Processing the working times of the employees assigned to you

  • Approving working hours

  • Releasing working hours

You can use time sheets to record personnel costs for the following cost objects:

  • Production orders, process orders, and product cost collector

  • Sales document items

  • Cost object IDs

    Cost object IDs can be used as:

    • Cost object nodes in a cost object hierarchy in Product Cost by Period

    • General cost objects in Costs for Intangible Goods and Services


Transferring the data collected on the time sheet to Controlling (CO) debits the cost objects with actual costs in accordance with the recorded working time.

More Information

For detailed information on time sheets, refer to the following: