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Cost analysis is an interactive tool for analyzing data generated in Cost Object Controlling and Product Cost Planning, such as costs and quantities. Starting from basic lists, the user can define his own views, called layouts, using techniques such as field selection, sum, sort, filter, and so on, and store his layouts in the system for later use, or to make them available to other users.

The display can be varied by functions that switch the time frame, the versions, and the currency. It is also possible to branch to line item displays and master data transactions.

The data available for analysis (characteristics and key figures) is broken down into individual field groups. In addition, the user can add additional grouping characteristics in the configuration menu.

The functionality of cost analysis is enhanced by interfaces to applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and Crystal Reports. Cost analysis is available for all objects of Cost Object Controlling . It is also used for cost element analysis in Product Cost Planning .

Application Scenario

For each report object, SAP supplies number of standard layouts (such as cost element analysis, cost development). User can also create their own custom layouts. For example, by means of interactive subtotaling and grouping it would be possible to realize variance analysis for material usage in a plant in general object summarization through a combination of suitable column contents (actual, target, variance, etc.) from the key figure list with characteristics such as material and material text . A further grouping using material master attributes can be defined by appropriate Customizing settings.

In layout management it is possible to specify the new layout as a default value for specific users or for all users.


Cost analysis uses the functions of the ABAP List Viewer.

For general information on working with layouts and the ABAP List Viewer, see the following:

In addition to the generic functions of the ABAP List Viewer, cost analysis supplies the following functions:

Goto line items

You can go to actual line item analysis of a selected detail line.

Set currency type

Choose currency type to switch between the currency types controlling area currency and company code / object currency .

Time frame

You can set the reporting time frame to:

  • Cumulated

  • Limited (range of periods)

Valuation view

You can choose between different valuation views:

  • Legal valuation

  • Group valuation

  • Profit center valuation

Value base

You can choose between:

  • Absolute

  • Per unit

Cost analysis is available for:

For general information on the key figures available in the different application components, see:

It is recommended that you read these sections, since the reports that use cost analysis are not explicitly described.