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Copying actual to plan is devised as an aid for manual planning.

You can only copy the postings from actual data that can also be manually planned. Once you have finished copying, you need to execute all the actual periodic allocations (such as, periodic repostings, distribution, accruals and so on) in planning, to ensure that you have the same values there.

The system copies the following actual data for internal orders/projects:

  • Primary costs

    You can only copy postings that can be manually planned:

  1. Primary postings from Financial Accounting (COIN business transaction)

  2. Repostings in Controlling (the RKU1 and RKU3 business transactions)

    The system does not copy "automatic" business transactions (periodic reposting, distribution).

  • Revenues

    You can copy statistically posted revenues on internal orders/projects. Planning is then also statistical.

  • Activity allocation

    You can copy activity allocations that were manually posted. The system does not copy automatic postings. It updates planning in the same way as in manual planning, only the quantity is planned. The costs that incur as a result are calculated by multiplying the plan quantity and the plan price. '

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    If there are no actual prices, you can use the Copy plan function to transfer plan prices to their target version.

  • Statistical key figures

    The system updates statistical key figures in planning data in exactly the same way in which it posted them in actual data (activity dependent or independent).

Currency Translation

Note that after copying, the actual and plan values can be differentiated using another currency translation. In the actual data, the system translates the values for each posting, and takes the average rate on the posting date. In the planning data, the system translates the totals each period, using the assumed exchange rate and the value date of the plan version.