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You use this report to obtain information about the genealogy of SFC numbers.



The search parameters for the report include the following:

  • SFC number or shop order

  • Component state (Assembled and Unassembled or All)


With this report, you can obtain the following:

  • A list of SFC numbers, indicating their status, current operation, routing, and shop order

  • Assembly information for an SFC number

The results include the following data:

  • SFC number

  • Status of the SFC number

  • Material and its version

  • Routing and its version

  • Operation

  • BOM and its version

  • Shop order

The As-Built Summary report tree view includes the following data in a multilevel tree structure:

  • BOM component and its version

  • Ref Des (reference designator)

  • Quantity required

  • Quantity assembled

  • Operation

  • Actual component and its version

  • Date and time when installed

  • User who installed the component

  • SFC number, external serial number or inventory ID

For more information, see SAP ME Objects.