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  1. Call up time ticket confirmation entry using the transaction code CO11.

  2. Enter the operation you want to confirm:

    • Enter the number of either a confirmation, or the order number, sequence number, and operation number. The operation is then clearly identified.

    • If you only enter the order number and choose  ( ) with the quick info text Enter, the operation overview appears. Select the operation you want to confirm. Choose Quantity/Activity, Dates, Personnel, Actual Dates, or Forecas t .

  3. You can now enter a confirmation for the operation, which is also saved when you save the summary confirmation. In the next step you must make a decision about this.

  4. Choose   Goto   Summary confirmation.   The system prompts you whether the confirmation for the operation should also be saved. After you have answered this question, the summary confirmation screen is displayed.

  5. There are two options:

    • Enter a degree of processing. This degree of processing will then be confirmed for all suboperations when saved (summary confirmation of all suboperations).

    • Select one of the suboperations and go to the corresponding confirmation screen (for example, personnel data). There you can confirm the individual suboperations manually.

      If no operation is selected, you branch to the detail screen for the confirmation of the operation.

  6. Save the summary confirmation.

    Note Note

    Suboperations that have already been manually confirmed are only affected by a summary confirmation, if the Final confirmation indicator is set when executing a summary confirmation.

    You have already confirmed suboperations. These suboperations are not updated by a summary confirmation. In the case of a final confirmation, these suboperations are set to finally confirmed.

    End of the note.