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The drilldown reports in the standard system use the product group characteristic. This enables you to analyze data at the product group level.


You specify the content of the product group characteristic by defining a product group type in Customizing. You can assign the following product group types:

  • 0 = no product group

If you do not select a product group, there is no assignment to the product group characteristic in the product drilldown report.

  • 1 = product hierarchy of material master record

This is a character string for grouping materials by combining different characteristics. The product hierarchy is maintained in the Basic Data view of the material master record, and is used for evaluation as well as price determination in materials management.

  • 2 = material group of material master record

Characteristic by which you can group materials or services with the same attributes. The material group is also maintained in the master record of a material, but in this case it is a grouping instead of a hierarchy.

  • 3 = CO product group

You can group materials into CO product groups to analyze data at the product group level in the Product Cost Controlling Information System . CO product groups are master data in the Product Cost Controlling Information System.

You set up a product group in the menu of Product Cost by Period or Product Cost by Order . You assign materials to the hierarchy nodes. Each material can only be assigned to one CO product group. If you create a new material, you must assign it to a CO product group manually.

If you do not assign a material to any CO product group, the values appear in the product drilldown report for the characteristic product group in the line not assigned .

Example Example

If you choose one of the above product group types, you can then drill down on the basis of that characteristic when you are in a drilldown report. For example, if you are using the product group type material group , the value for the field material group for each material is read from the material’s master record. The data is summed in the report by material groups. You can display the data in the report by material group and analyze how the values are distributed among the materials in the material group.

End of the example.


You assign the product group type in Customizing for Product Cost Controlling under   Information System   Control Parameters   in the Product Group Type field.