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To display the orders for a material, you must navigate in a standard report to the characteristic material and call up the report-report interface. This brings you to a product drilldown report that shows the orders for the selected material. From the report that contains the individual orders you can call up a cost element itemization for a single order.


Because you can call up them up from a report, the reports for product drilldown have a three-level structure:

  1. Standard report

  2. Standard report

    If you navigate to the characteristic Material , you can access a product drilldown report for a material which shows the individual orders for the material.

  3. Product Drilldown Report with Characteristic "Order"

  4. Product drilldown report with characteristic Order

    This report accesses more detailed data than the standard report. You can call up a cost element itemization for a single order. To do this, select the order explicitly.

  5. Cost element itemization for a single order


  • Navigate to the characteristic Material .

  • Select the material for which you want to see orders.

  • Choose Call Up Report (also through   Goto   Call Up Report)   .

  • From the product drilldown report with the characteristic order , you can call up a cost element report for a single order. Select the order and choose   Goto   Other reports   Cost elements   .