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Technical completion means ending a production order from a logistical viewpoint. This function is usually used, if the execution of an order has to be stopped prematurely or if the order could not be executed in the required manner and open requirements for the order (reservations, capacities) should be deleted.


The Technically complete function must be allowed for the operation, that is, it cannot be disallowed due to a system or user status. To this end, the system checks the business transaction BTAB (technically complete; see business transaction ).


The following actions are executed if an order is set to Technically complete.

  • The order is not relevant for MRP planning

  • Reservations are deleted

  • Capacity requirements are deleted

  • Purchase requisitions for external operations or non-stock materials are deleted

  • The order and its operations receive the system status Technically Completed (TECO)

If an order is technically complete, you cannot change it. The fields in the order are displayed but cannot be changed. You can however cancel technical completion, for instance if order data has to be changed.

Note Note

After technical completion you can still make postings for the order . For instance, material withdrawal or a confirmation can be posted if they were previously forgotten.

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You can execute this function in two ways:

  • When you are changing an order, choose   Functions   Restrict processing   Technically complete   .

You can reverse technical completion as follows:

When you are changing an order, choose   Functions   Restrict processing   Revoke technical completion   .