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When you carry out a confirmation, processes are triggered that could negatively affect the response time of the confirmation process. For example, goods movements and actual costs determination.

You alleviate this situation by decoupling these processes from the actual confirmation. Decoupling is set up in Customizing ( Settings for Decoupling Confirmation Processes ).


You can decouple the following confirmation processes:

  • Automatic Goods Receipt

  • Backflush

  • Actual cost determination

You can define for each process when it should run:

  • Online the processes are triggered immediately. The next dialog step can only occur when all processes have finished.

If errors occur during actual costs determination or goods movement, you can remove the cause of the error or cancel the processing of the confirmation.

  • If you are working in update task the next dialog step is possible immediately. The data for the processes is passed to the update task without delay and is processed immediately.

  • If the processes are background jobs , they are not executed immediately. The next dialog step can take place straight away.

If you do not make any special setting, processing takes place as usual online.

Background Processing

Pay attention to the following points for background processing:

  • Future change records are saved for the indivdual processes. These future change records contain all the necessary information for being processed in a background job at a later stage (see Processing Predefined Confirmation Processes ). You cannot set deletion flags (status DFVL) for orders which still have future change records.

  • In a background job you schedule the program CORUPROC with a variant. You use the variant to define which processes are to be executed in the job. You schedule the job in Customizing for Shop Floor Control ( Operations Schedule background jobs ). You can see how to schedule processes in Example: Background Processing

  • Due time differences from decoupling, data inconsistencies can arise, which disappear when processing of all future change is finished. This is the case for instance, if the confirmed quantity of a material has not yet been posted to stock by the automatic goods movement.