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 Maintaining Scheduling Data Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. From any work center screen choose   Goto   Scheduling   .

  2. The Scheduling screen appears.

  3. Enter the capacity with its capacity category whose execution time you want to use for scheduling. This can be either a work center capacity or a pooled capacity.

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    The capacity data must have already been entered in the work center.

  5. Maintain formulas for operation segments (for production orders) or for internal processing time (for networks and maintenance orders).

  6. If you do not enter a formula for an operation segment, the execution time of this segment is set to zero.

    If you do not enter a formula for internal processing time, the duration in the network or maintenance order is used.

    Via   Extras   Formula   you can assign a formula constant a value and an unit, display a formula and test formulas

  7. Maintain queue times and if necessary the dimension and units of measure for work in internal processing operations.