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You can update the results of costing runs in the price fields of the material master. You can transfer the results of the standard cost estimate as well as those of the inventory cost estimate, modified standard cost estimate and the current cost estimate into the material master. Before you mark and release a costing run, you should check the costing results.

There are various reports you can use to analyze the costing run. With these reports, you can do the following:

  • Display the result of a costing run

  • Compare the selected cost estimates with a particular price in the material master

  • Simulate the anticipated revaluation of warehouse stocks brought about by releasing the cost estimate

  • Compare two costing runs with each other


Analyze Step in Processing Area

  1. Choose  ( ) (Change parameters) .

  2. Enter the selection criteria for the report.

  3. If you are using this function for the first time, you receive a selection of display variants. Select the relevant report. For example, this could be a report comparing the results of the costing run with a price from the material master record or with another costing run.

    If you have already generated a report, the system always takes you to this report when you choose  ( ) (Change parameters) . However, if you choose   Settings   Reference for report   , you can choose a different display variant.

  4. Save your entries for the report with  ( ) and choose  ( ) .

  5. Choose  ( ) to display the report.

Analysis via Screen Area Costing Results

  1. Go to the screen area  ( ) Costing Results .

  2. To display the costing level overview , choose Costing levels .

  3. Choose Material overview to display a list of all the materials in the costing run.

  4. You can branch from the material list to the costing results for a material by double-clicking on the material. The screen Display Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure appears. For more information about analyzing the costing results, see Analyzing Results .

  5. Choose  ( ) in the screen area Analyze Costing Results to display the report defined above.