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This section describes how to configure SAP ERP for SAP ME ERP integration.

The required configuration depends on the version of SAP ERP that you have connected to SAP ME. For information about supported SAP ERP versions, see SAP Note 1793291Information published on SAP site.

The integration of the configuration type A uses the Production Optimization Interface (POI). To access it, in the SAP Easy Access menu, choose   Logistics   Central Functions   Supply Chain Planning Interface   Production Optimization Interface (POI)  .

Maintain ALE settings for POI in Customizing for Logistics - General under   Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (SCPI)   Production Optimization Interface (POI)  .

The integration of the configuration of type B allows automatic distribution of production orders upon their release, based on customizing settings.

If your ERP system belongs to the configuration type C, D or later, some data is distributed by means of the Data Replication Framework (DRF). See Customizing for   Production   Integration with a Manufacturing Execution System  .

See also Customizing for ALE for Communication with SAP ME, Other Customizing Activities in SAP ERP, and SAP Note 1573547Information published on SAP siteAuthorization Roles for Service User in SAP ME Integration.