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 Executing Mass Processing Online Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Control   Mass Processing   .  

  2. In the List field, select the object for which you want to execute mass processing : Order headers, operations, production resources/tools, components .

  3. Choose a Profile or a Layout

  4. If necessary, define the parameters for the mass processing functions that you want to execute.

  5. You can also execute this step after selection by using the menu (see step 7).

  6. Enter your selection criteria.

  7.  ( )

    To make execution easier, you can define variants (see Definition of Variants ). This enables you to hide unnecessary selection criteria and preset mass processing functions.

  8. Choose  ( ) .

  9. The list appears with the selected objects (this is the Individual Object List of the order information system).

  10. Select the objects for which the function is to be executed. You have the following options for executing the function:

  • Direct start

If the function and the parameters for mass processing are already predefined (defined in step 4 or in a variant), you can start mass processing by choosing  ( ) . The function that is set up by choosing   Mass processing   Execute   is started.

  • Start using the application toolbar

If you have defined on the Mass processing tab page that the Application Toolbar is to be displayed with the mass processing functions, you can also execute the function by choosing the corresponding pushbutton.

  • Start via the menu

  1. Choose   Mass processing   Execute.  

  2. Select the function that you want to execute. If necessary, enter parameters for executing the function (see Mass Processing Functions ).

  3. Choose how to start the function: Execute function immediately, Execute function in the background, Create function request, Execute function with dialog transaction .

  4. Decide whether a test run is to be carried out.

  5. Choose  ( ) .

Note Note

After mass processing has been executed, the display in the list is not automatically refreshed. To refresh the list, choose  ( ) .

 ( )

The production orders in a collective order are processed together in a LUW (Logical Unit of Work). This means that if processing is stopped for whatever reason, none of the functions is carried out for the collective order.

End of the note.

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