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A period pattern key identifies a length of time that comprises of any number of consecutive time segments. Each of these time segments consists of periods . The duration of a time segment is determined by the period type and the number of periods. Typical period types are calendar days or weeks


The period pattern key is used for

It is created in Customizing for Work centers by choosing Define period pattern key .


In the following graphic you can see an example of a period pattern that has been defined using a period pattern key.

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Cumulating available capacities using the period pattern key

In work center maintenance the available capacities of different capacities are cumulated in the work center hierarchy using the period pattern key. For each period in the time segment defined by the period pattern key, the he available capacities are averaged and added together

In the graphic the available capacities A and B are cumulated in the available capacity C.

You are recommended to use shorter times for the first segments and longer ones for segments that are further in the future. Then you only need a limited number of periods, but have detailed information for the near future.