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By using parallel processing, you increase the speed of mass processing.

If you want to use parallel processing for mass processing online, you must set up the server group COWORK-DIALOG. If you want to work in the background, set up the server group COWORK-BATCH. These server groups will then be used automatically by the mass processing function.


  1. Choose   Tools   Administration   Administration   Network   RFC Destinations   .

  2. Choose   Extras   RFC groups.  

  3. Create the server groups COWORK-BATCH and COWORK-DIALOG and define the properties of these server groups.

  4. Choose  ( ) ( Save) .

    Caution Caution

    When parallel processing is active, the sequence of execution can no longer be guaranteed. To avoid locking problems, the sequence is partially changed, for example, the system processes orders relating to the same sales order together.

    However, locking problems may still occur due to parallel processing.

    End of the caution.