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A physical location of a component on a printed circuit board


Reference designators specify where operators or machines must load components onto assemblies (see Component). For example, reference designators can tell an operator that you want the same component, such as a specific resistor model, loaded in four different places on a specific board. They are short combinations of letters and numbers, such as P2, VR1, D4, V1, and C5. These designators are printed directly on the circuit board.


System Rules for Specifying Reference Designators

The Ref Des Must Be Unique system rule controls whether you can specify the same reference designator more than once in the same BOM. You must enter more than one reference designator for a component with a quantity greater than one in BOM Maintenance.

The Ref Des Is Required system rule controls whether you are required to enter reference designator to a BOM component. The ref des quantity must be equal to the assembly quantity.