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You use an upload to transfer confirmation data from the subsystem to the SAP system. The upload is triggered by the SAP system.


The SAP system sends an upload request to the subsystem, asking it to transfer confirmation records to the SAP system.

You can set up the system so that either the confirmations are updated automatically after they have been transferred (communication parameters) or the program SAPVBKK2 is scheduled to do the update as a background job.

Scheduling Background Jobs

You have to schedule the following programs for an upload:



Menu Path

Upload request


  Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Confirmation   Subsystem   Upload   Request PDC upload.  

CC2 update


  Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Confirmation   Subsystem   Upload   Update PDC records.  

You schedule the jobs in Customizing by choosing   Cross-Application Components   Plant Data Collection   Production orders (PP, communication channel 2)   Schedule background jobs for PDC   .