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There are scheduling results for the material that you want to update in the temporary file.

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You can copy the data from the temporary file to the material master record by using report program RCPMAU02.

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  1. From the routing menu, select the menu options Extras ? Material master  Update material master .

  2. The Update Material Master: Initial Screen appears.

  3. Enter the plant and the production schedule for the scheduling results that you want to update. Choose Enter .

  4. The Update Material Master: Overview screen appears. If you only enter the plant, the scheduling results for all of the materials in that plant are selected.

  5. To view detailed information about the scheduling results before you update the material master, select the menu options GotoDetails or double-click on the corresponding line.

  6. If you want to update the assembly scrap, set the Update with assembly scrap indicator.

  7. Select the scheduling results on the list that you want to update and choose Edit  Update mat. master .


The scheduling results are copied to the material master records and a log is produced. If you have scheduled a material several times, the scheduling results from only one scheduling run can be updated in the material master.