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 Scheduling Mass Processing in the Background Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose

    •   For the production order:Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Control   Mass Processing  

    • For the process order :   Logistics   Production – Process   Process Order   Tools   Mass Processing  

  2. In the List field, select the object for which you want to execute mass processing : Order headers, operations, production resources/tools, components .

  3. Choose a profile or a layout .

  4. Enter your selection criteria.

  5. Choose the Mass processing tab page .

  6. Select the function that you want to execute. If necessary, enter parameters for executing the function (see Mass Processing Functions ).

  7. Select how the function is to be started. The option Execute function immediately is recommended.

  8. Decide whether a test run is to be carried out.

  9. Choose   Program   Execute in background.  

    Note Note

    The function is executed for all objects that meet the selection criteria. After execution, a list of the processed objects is printed. The data in this list corresponds to the status before executing mass processing.

    End of the note.

    Note Note

    You can also define a variant for scheduling in the background (see Definition of Variants ).

    You can also save your entries as a variant . To do so, in step 9 choose   Goto   Variants   Save as variant.   You define a variant for the program PPIO_ENTRY. You can schedule this sort of variant later in a background job.

    End of the note.