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The capacity requirements are calculated for an operation using the formulas that are maintained per capacity category on the Capacities tab page of the work center. However, the capacity requirements of an operation can only be calculated if the Control Key of the operation allows this. The dates of calculated capacity requirements correspond to the dates of the operation.


Assigning Individual Capacities

In the production order you can specify which individual capacities are used to cover which capacity requirements.

Example Example

Operation 30 is a milling operation. In the production order you specify that this operation is to be carried out on machines 001 and 002 by employees A and C.

End of the example.

You can distribute this operation quantity to as many individual capacities as you wish.

Example Example

The operation quantity for operation 30 is 100 pieces. In the production order you specify that 40 pieces are to be processed by machine 001 and 60 pieces from machine 002, or 40 pieces by employee A and 60 pieces by employee C.

End of the example.

Capacity Requirements Assignment with Standard Value Splits

In the case of an assignment of capacity requirements the operation quantity is distributed between several machines or people. Depending on how you split up the operation requirements, it may be necessary to change the standard values.

Example Example

You have an operation quantity of 100 pieces. Employee A and employee B process the same 100 pieces on a machine one after the other. In this case the split quantity for employee A and employee B is 100 pieces each. However, since every employee only needs half of the time to process each piece the standard values of the individual capacities for people must be reduced accordingly.

End of the example.

You can change the standard values of an individual capacity in the production order on the operation tab page Assignment of capacity requirements by choosing standard values (beneath the level of the section with individual capacities).