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The overview of the change steps (for example, change step = deleting a component) displays the changes determined for a production order in a hierarchical structure.

This overview can be called up from the production order (see Change Management in the Production Order ) and from the Overview of Procurement Element Change Records .


For every change step you see:

  • Which type of change it is (for example, adding, deleting, reassigning a component):

    •  ( ) Add object

    •  ( ) Delete object

    •  ( ) Reassign object

    •  ( ) Change object

  • Which is the highest level conflict that occurred

    •  ( ) Information

    •  ( ) Warning

    •  ( ) Error

  • Which messages have lead to the conflict (to display the messages relating to a change, choose  ( ) )

  • Whether a decision has already been made about executing the change step (see Processing Change Steps )

    •  ( ) Executed

    •  ( ) do not execute after manual decision

    •  ( ) execute after manual decision

In addition, you can use a filter function to restrict the objects displayed.

Note Note

If you display the change steps for a collective order, the overview of the collective order appears first. Select the order that you want to look at.

End of the note.