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You use this report to obtain information about all components of a bill of materials (BOM), including subassemblies, materials, phantom component assemblies, and the required quantity of each component.


The following table describes rules and settings that you can change for this report in Activity Maintenance:




EXPANDED (default): Displays all configuration data within the application tree structure

COLLAPSED: Hides configuration data within the tree structure



The search parameters for the report include the following:

  • BOM and its version

  • Component or Ref Des (reference designator)


With this report, you can obtain the following:

  • Details about a component, as well as assembly data to be collected for the component

  • The alternate components at the material and BOM levels for each component

  • BOM status (for more information, see Creating BOMs)

  • Maximum usage as component (usage count)

The results include the following data in a tree structure:

  • BOM and its version

  • The Current Version indicator

  • Status

  • The BOM Template indicator

  • BOM custom data

  • Operation

  • Sequence

  • Component and its version

  • Assembly quantity component details

  • The Test Part indicator

  • The Disassembly Operation indicator

  • The Assembly Data fields

  • Max usage as component

  • Max nonconformances for this BOM component

  • Trackable Component indicator

  • Ref Des


  • BOM Alternate Use indicator

  • BOM component custom data

For more information, see SAP ME Objects.