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There are two ways to schedule partially confirmed operations:

  • Partially confirmed operations

A partially confirmed operation is scheduled forwards starting from the actual finish date. Only the remaining duration is scheduled.

The remaining duration of an operation is calculated according to the following formula:

Remaining qty = original qty - actual qty

To calculate the duration of the operation segments, the remaining quantity and the forecast values are entered into the formula. If no forecast values were entered in the confirmation, the remaining quantity and the standard values are entered

  • Shift order

You can set the Shift order indicator for scheduling partially confirmed orders (Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Operations   Scheduling   Define Scheduling Parameters   ). This indicator causes the order to be shifted to a new date. The system carries out scheduling using the remaining duration of the operations, which means that the actual dates of the operations are no longer taken into account. The system schedules starting from the basic dates of the order using the remaining duration of the operations. The original setup duration is used for scheduling.