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You use this function to update material master records. in particular you replace the execution times (and possibly assembly scrap ) in the material master by the execution times that were calculated in scheduling.


The following times are updated: set-up., teardown, processing and interoperation times. The assembly scrap is also updated, if required. The base quantity in the material master record is also replaced by the scheduling lot size.

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Updating Material Master Records

Updating material master records in two steps (see Updating Material Master Records graphic)

  1. You schedule the routings for the materials whose master records you want to update. You save the results in a temporary file.

  2. You copy the scheduling results from the temporary file to the corresponding material master record.

You can execute both of these steps either manually or automatically.

Caution Caution

If you have entered a lot size independent in-house production time, it is set to zero after an update.

If assembly scrap has been entered in a material master record and you update the assembly scrap, the following applies: If scheduling does not calculate an assembly scrap value, then the assembly scrap value is overwritten with the value 0.

End of the caution.