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You can enter activities that have been marked for indirect allocation (activity type category 3: manual entry, indirect allocation) or as non-allocable (activity type category 4: manual entry, no allocation).

  • You enter indirect allocable activity to determine the quantity flow for indirect activity allocation. You enter the activity quantity on the sender cost center or on the sender business process.

Under indirect activity allocation, the activity quantity is distributed to the receiver cost centers according to their allocation bases (see also: Indirect Activity Allocation ).

  • You enter non-allocable activity on cost centers or business processes that cannot be credited using activity allocation. The activity quantity produced by the cost center is used as the basis for cost control. The SAP System uses the plan activity and the non-allocable activity to calculate an operating rate. It can then determine target costs and variances for the cost center.

Note Note

When entering sender activities, you can enter activities for the following sender objects :

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  • Business processes

  • Cost Center/Activity Type

Example Example

In a business organization, variable costs are incurred on a sales cost center for each product unit sold. These costs cannot be credited to a profitability segment using direct internal activity allocation. The costs remain on the cost center, unless you are using the Internal Orders component (CO-OM-OPA) or Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) which allow a credit to take place.

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