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Statistical key figures can be used:

  • to determine business key figures on cost centers

    Example Example

    Costs per employee

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  • as a receiver base (key) for assessments and distributions

    Example Example

    You assess the cafeteria costs to individual cost centers within your organization, according to the number of employees.

    The telephone costs are distributed to the individual cost centers according to the number of telephones in each cost center.

    In this case, you plan the number of employees and the number of telephones on each cost center as a statistical key figures and enter them as actual values.

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There are two different types of statistical key figures.

  • Fixed values

  • Total values

    Note Note

    In the overview screens for the planning of statistical key figures, the system displays the average values (not totals) for statistical key figures of category Fixed values .

    End of the note.

You can plan statistical key figures as activity-independent or activity-dependent. Use planning layout 1 - 301 for activity-independent planning, and planning layout 1 - 302 for activity-dependent planning (see: Structuring the Planning Screen ).

For more information on the automatic transfer of statistical key figures from the LIS, see: Processing Statistical Key Figures and Transferring Statistical Key Figures from the Logistics Information System .