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 Executing Single Screen Entry of Time Ticket Confirmations Locate this document in the navigation structure


You have defined the layout and default values for single screen entry in Customizing (see Settings for Single Screen Entry ).


  1. In the menu, choose:

    • For the production order :   Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Confirmation   Enter   For Operation   Time Ticket.  

    • For the process order :   Logistics   Production - Process   Process Order   Confirmation   Enter for Phase   Time Ticket  

  2. Enter the confirmation data in the header area. In the header data, you identify the operation or phase that you want to confirm.

  3. Set the key Confirmation type .

    • Partial confirmation

      If the operation has only been partly processed you can still create confirmation data so as to document the current progress of the operation. A partial confirmation can be especially useful if the operations in your orders have long lead times.

    • Final confirmation

      If the operation has already been completely processed, choose this setting.

    • Automatic final confirmation

      If the quantity to be confirmed is to control whether a partial or final confirmation is executed, then you should choose this setting:

      • If the confirmed quantity (yield + rework + scrap quantity) is less than the quantity to be confirmed, then a partial confirmation is executed

      • If the confirmed quantity is the same as or more than the quantity to be confirmed, a final confirmation is executed

        With the indicator Clear open reservations, you define that with a final confirmation, theFinal issue indicator is set for all open reservations that are assigned to the confirmed operation or phase. The operation or phase receives the system status final issue as well as the system status finally confirmed .

  4. Enter the confirmation data in the detail areas.

    Note Note

    If you want the system to propose the data to be confirmed, choose  ( ) Actual data.

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    Note Note

    You can open the detail areas (choose  ( ) Name of the area) or close them (choose  ( ) Name of the area).

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  5. To post the confirmation, choose  ( ) (Save ).

    You remain on this screen. The data fields are deleted and are available again for entering the next confirmation.

    Note Note

    To enter a new confirmation, choose  ( ) (Other Confirmation ). If you make a mistake when entering data, you can use this function to start afresh. You can also use this function if, as you enter data, you discover that you have entered the wrong confirmation.

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    Note Note

    When you are entering a confirmation, you can go to the goods movements overview (choose  ( ) Goods movements ) to check or change goods movements that are to be posted with the confirmation, if required. As soon as you save a confirmation, the goods movements are also posted. For more information, refer to Goods Movement Overview .

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