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When you create a base planning object, it is always linked to a costing variant. This costing variant contains all the information needed to cost the object. You define and check costing variants in Customizing for Product Cost Planning .

The following graphic gives you an overview of Customizing for Reference and Simulation Costing :

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You specify a valuation variant and a costing type in the costing variant for Reference and Simulation Costing.

  • In the costing type, you specify the valuation view to be costed.

  • In the valuation variant, you specify the following:

  • The prices with which the materials are to be valuated

  • The prices with which the internal activities, business processes, and external activities are to be valuated

  • Which price is to be used for subcontracting

You also specify in the costing variant whether a cost element is required for each costing item.

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For more information about the relevant settings in Customizing, see the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Product Cost Controlling .