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To select data for a drilldown report, you must first execute a data collection run. The selected dataset is saved. You access this saved dataset when you execute the report.


You can execute the data collection for a single plant or for all plants in a Controlling area.

You can also select a summarization time frame. The values within the summarization time frame are resummarized and any values within that time frame from a previous data collection run are overwritten. Summarized values that are outside of the summarization time frame are retained.

SAP recommends defining the summarization time frame such that all open periods in Financial Accounting are summarized.

Caution Caution

If you select Delete Values Outside Time Period, all data that is not within the time frame will be deleted.

End of the caution.

For more information on how to execute a data collection run, see, Collecting Data for a Product Drilldown.

Notes on Performance

To reduce runtimes, you can execute the data collection run on multiple servers simultaneously. Ask your system administrator for a server group.