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You can predefine values to identify confirmations and to determine default values in Conf. parameters for collective confirmation/fast entry (Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Operations   Confirmation   Confirmation Parameters Collective Entry/Fast Entry)   :

  • Identifying the confirmation

    You can identify an individual confirmation either by the confirmation number or the order number/operation number.

  • Suggest actual data

    You can define whether and when (after entry, during saving) quantities (see Determining a Default for Yield ) or activities are suggested. The default setting is that no quantities are suggested and activities are determined when you save. Personnel data and dates are always suggested.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Confirmation   Enter   For Operation   Collective Entry.  

    The screen for collective entry of confirmations appears.

  2. On this screen you can enter confirmations in a table (table control). You enter a new confirmation in each row. You can control the appearance of the table yourself.

    You can change the default type of confirmation identification during input. To do so choose Other view.

    Enter all the data needed for the confirmations. Each row corresponds to a new confirmation. In this row you have all the fields that are available in single entry of a time ticket confirmation.

    Note Note

    In the top row of the screen you can enter default values (for example unit of measure, personnel number) that are copied to all confirmations. Enter the values and confirm your entries. You can save these default values for a specific user, so that they are preset the next time the user logs on. You can also delete these defaults.

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    Note Note

    With this function, you can let the system suggest actual data (quantities, activities, dates, personnel data). To do so, select the confirmations, choose  ( ) Propose actual data , set the indicator for the relevant actual data, and choose  ( ) with the quick info text Enter . This data overwrites any data that you have already entered.

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  3. Save your confirmations.

    Note Note

    To reach the actual data screen for the selected confirmations, choose  ( ) with the quick info text Detail. Here you have the complete functionality of time ticket confirmation. From this screen, you can go to the detail screens and to the goods movement overview. If several confirmation have been selected, you can switch between the individual confirmations.

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    Note Note

    You can switch to the goods movement overview from the collective entry screen (choose  ( ) Goods movements ). On this screen, the goods movements for the selected confirmations are displayed.

    You can check and, if necessary, change the goods movements. When you go back to the collective entry screen, the GM indicator is set for the selected confirmations (goods movements for confirmations already determined). When you save the confirmations, the goods movements are also posted.

    For more information, see Goods Movement Overview .

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