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  • SAP ME sends an ERP yield confirmation for each completed SFC number at a reporting step with the following information:

    • Production Order

    • Operation

    • Yield

    • Quantity

    • Base Unit of Measure of the produced material

    • Components consumed at this operation and operations before this ERP reporting step including component batch information provided for each component assembled onto the SFC number

    • Batch Number

      If a component is a manufactured SFC number, batch information is obtained from the shop order of this component, otherwise from the assembled inventory ID

    • Serial Number

      If SAP ERP of configuration type C is used and serial numbers are sent to SAP ME. See also Production Yield and Serial Numbers later in this topic.

    • Storage Location of the inventory ID or from the material master maintained in SAP ME

      Storage location is populated from SAP ERP material master (Prod. Stor. Location on the MRP 2 tab page) during the download.

  • When the last reporting step is completed in SAP ME, SAPMEINT also sends the goods receipt of the output material.

    This step is indicated by the IS_LAST_REPORTING_STEP routing custom data field. If the value is true, SAPMEINT reports the following:

    • Batch Number

    • Batch Characteristic

    • Base Unit of Measure of the produced material

  • Storage Location is not transferred, it is taken from the SAP ERP production order. If there is a requirement for this information from the SAP ME material master, change the outbound XSLT file.

  • SAP ME sends a confirmation of Automatic Final Confirmation type so that SAP ERP can automatically determine relevant actions such as clearing reservations and capacity reduction.

  • Batch characteristics are reported to SAP ERP 6.00 – 6.04 with the message type BatchCharsPosting or with the yield confirmation message to SAP ERP 6.05.

  • If a confirmation was not successful due to locking in SAP ERP, SAPMEINT re-sends the messages to SAP ERP based on the Retry Period defined in SAPMEINT Workflow Configuration (see SAPMEINT Workflow Configuration).

Production Yield and Serial Numbers

When reporting yield, SAPMEINT sends collected serial numbers of assembled components at an ERP reporting step. If SAP ERP production order contains serial numbers for the main assembly, SAPMEINT reports them at the last ERP reporting step (see Transfer of Production Order with Serial Numbers).

Consider the following:

  • Overproduction

    Overproduction is possible only if the production order was updated in SAP ERP and new serial numbers were used.

  • Increased production quantity

    Production quantity can increase only if the production order was updated in SAP ERP and new serial numbers were used.

  • Reduced production quantity

    Production quantity can be reduced by setting the SAP ME Production shop order's status to Done. The COLLABORATION_SHOPORDER_COMPLETE action is then triggered, and, not used serial numbers can be deactivated in SAP ERP.

  • SAPMEINT does not report activity times.

  • SAP ME does not support the ERP concept of different unit of measure at the operation level.

  • Nested routings are not supported when Close and Done in SAP ME Pack/Unpack is used.

  • SAPMEINT sends confirmations to SAP ERP for closed containers only of the Material pack level. Containers of the Container or Process Lot pack level are not processed (see Container Maintenance).