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Individual capacities are used in capacity planning for more detailed resource planning. For instance, you can divide a machine capacity into several individual machines and maintain an available capacity for each machine. Capacity requirements can then be distributed among the individual capacities. If you do not maintain an available capacity for an individual capacity, it is calculated from the operating time of the capacity to which the individual capacity has been assigned.

Individual capacities have the same capacity categories as the capacities to which they are assigned.

In order to be able to create individual capacities the CapCatPers indicator for the capacity category must not be set in Customizing.


Assigning Individual Capacities

  1. On the header screen   choose   Goto   Individual capacities.  

  2. The Assignments to Individual Capacities screen appears.

  3. Define the individual capacities.

Maintaining Available Capacities for Individual Capacities

  1. In the Assignments to Individual Capacities screen place the cursor on the individual capacity whose available capacity you want to maintain.

  2.  ( )

    If the Maintnd indicator has been set, then an available capacity has been maintained for this individual capacity.

  3. Choose   Edit   Choose   .  

    1. The header screen appears.

  4. Enter the capacity data for the individual capacity