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 Completing a Change Comparison Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Go to the production order.

The change comparison has the open status. That is, the system has determined the changes but has not yet processed them completely.

Note Note

In the case of static assembly order processing , you make the changes to the production order directly from the sales order.

In the case of dynamic assembly order processing , you must call the production orders separately (see Changing Header Data ).

End of the note.
  1. In the order header, choose   Go to   Change management   (see Change Management ).

  1. To process the change steps, choose  ( ) Change steps (see Overview of the Change Steps ).

You set change steps that have lead to an error to Do not execute . You can decide whether or not changes that have lead to a warning are to be executed.

The change comparison receives the complete status. That is, all changes that require a manual decision or processing (warning, error) have been processed.

  1. To complete the change comparison, choose   Process   Complete change comparison.  

The change comparison receives the status complete .