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Material cost estimates that you no longer need can be removed from the database and archived.


You can archive cost estimates independently of data in other archiving sessions.


You define the technical data for archiving cost estimates (such as the name, path, and size of the archive file) in Archive Administration under Customizing . For additional information, see:

Archiving material cost estimates does not require any additional settings in Customizing.

To ensure consistency of your data, there must not be any link to the material master. The material cost estimate to be archived, therefore, must not be marked and must not be the currently released cost estimate. You can only archive cost estimates that have a Valid from date in the past. This means you can archive cost estimates at any time during the year.


You need the following authorizations to be able to archive material cost estimates:

  • General archiving authorization: authorization object S_ARCHIVE with:

    Activity 01 (creating, reloading, deleting, and reading archive files)

    Application area: CO

    Archiving object: CO_COPC

    For more information, see User Authorization Checks .

  • Authorization object K_KEKO with activity 06 (delete)

  • Authorization object S_ADMIN_FCD for printing and using the spool

  • Authorization object S_BTCH_JOB for archiving, deleting, and reloading data, and for the read program in batch processing

Depending on the system environment and the amount of data, you can archive approximately 13,000 cost estimates per hour. A cost estimate requires approximately 5,000 bytes, depending on the amount of data.


You access these functions by choosing   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Product Cost Planning   Environment   Archiving   Material Cost Estimate   .

The screen Archive Administration: Initial Screen appears. The archiving object CO_COPC is shown as a default in the object name field.For more information, see Archive Administration .

The following table provides an overview of the functions available from this initial screen:


Use this function to:

 ( ) Archive

Generate archive files (archive material cost estimates)

 ( ) Delete

Schedule and start the deletion program

 ( ) Reload

Schedule and start the reload of an archive

 ( ) Analyze

Schedule and start an analysis program

 ( ) Index

Construct or remove an index for existing archive files

 ( ) Management

View and change management information for archiving runs

 ( )

Call up a network graphic to view the dependencies between archiving objects


Check the Customizing settings

Job Overview

View a list of all archiving jobs. You can then:

  • Display the log for a specified job (  ( ) Job log )

  • Branch to detailed information for a specified job (  ( ) )

  • Release a job (  ( ) Release )

  • Delete a job from the database (  ( ) )

  • Cancel an active job (  ( ) )

Database Tables

List all archiving objects that are part of a table

Information System

Access the central Archive Information System (SAP AS)

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