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For handling units created in the packing transaction via Repetitive Manufacturing, you have the option of backflushing, that is, posting goods receipt of the contained materials and goods issue of the components, in one transaction.


You have created handling units in production that only contain one material. Only handling units with no more than one material can be backflushed.

Process Flow

  1. Starting from the Repetitive Manufacturing section of the main menu, choose   Backflush   HU management   GR for Handling Units.  

  2. The HU Backflush in Repetitive Manufacturing screen appears.

  3. To select the handling units that you want to backflush, choose HU Monitor .

Note Note

If you know the number of the handling unit you want to backflush, you do not need to select via the HU list; simply enter the number.

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  1. The handling-unit selection list appears. For more information, see the Handling Unit Monitor section.

  2. Enter the selection criteria and choose Execute .

  3. The system displays a list of the handling units that correspond to the criteria you entered.

  4. To copy handling units that are to be backflushed in the backflush dialog, select them and choose Copy selected HUs. HUs.

  5. The HU Backflush in Repetitive Manufacturing screen reappears, in which the system displays the HUs you just selected as Handling units to be backflushed.

Alternatively you can copy the saved HUs directly from the packing transaction for automatic packing with packing instructions, by choosing   Subsequent functions   Repetitive Manufacturing backflush   . The HU Backflush in Repetitive Manufacturing screen appears. The handling units that you have saved since the last time the packing transaction was accessed are displayed here as Handling units to be backflushed .

  1. The system assigns each handling unit a status (symbol) with regard to backflushing.

  2. To display the meaning of each symbol, choose   Goto   Display legend.  

  3. If necessary, display the handling units again in the standard packing transaction, by choosing HU Monitor .

  4. With the Define backflush process function, you specify whether you want to backflush in make-to-order or make-to-stock repetitive manufacturing. You can also specify here whether the materials are to be posted in aggregate or per handling unit.

  5. To add to HU data, such as plant, make the necessary entries in the Default data section and choose Copy default data .

  6. The system copies the default data for all HUs.

  7. If necessary, display the postings that the system is going to carry out by choosing Change parameters . This takes you to the Quantities to Backflush screen, where the system displays the materials to be backflushed in aggregated form (without reference to HUs). Each row corresponds to one subsequent posting.

Note Note

You can use the Change parameters function to change the Repetitive Manufacturing profile settings, for example.

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  1. Use Create backflush or Back to return to the backflushing transaction.

  2. To backflush the HUs displayed, choose Save .

Note Note

The system always backflushes all of the handling units that are displayed.

 ( )

Packaging materials are not transfer posted. The transfer posting of that part of the handling unit can be carried out beforehand, during staging.

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Scrap backflush

You can backflush scrap by choosing Scrap backflush . You backflush the scrap for the material, independently of the handling unit. You can switch between scrap and HU backflush as required. Scrap quantities are displayed in the same list as the handling units and are later posted together with the HU backflush.

Cancelling Backflushed Handling Units

You can cancel backflushes of assemblies with the corresponding handling units. The cancellation is non-document-related for the handling unit. In other words, the HUs are canceled without reference to the backflush document for repetitive manufacturing. When a non-document-related cancellation takes place, the system re-explodes the bill of material and reverses the movement direction. In other words, the system posts negative component quantities.

To cancel handling units (HUs), proceed as follows:

  1. From the SAP menu, select   Logistics   Production   Repetitive Manufacturing   Backflush   HU Management   GR for Handling Units.  

  2. Enter the handling unit that you want to cancel.

  3. If you have already backflushed the handling unit (status  ( ) ) you can perform a cancellation.

  4. Select the line containing the backflushed handling unit and choose Change Parameter .

The Quantities to Backflush screen appears.

  1. Select the relevant line and choose Change Parameter .

  2. In the dialog box, choose the Reverse movement button.

The negative quantity of handling units is posted and the status is reset to  ( ) . In other words, you can backflush the handling unit again.