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Background documentationGenerated Data Types of the ALE Interface



The following objects are generated from the application module:

  • The Customizing objects required at runtime

  • The mapping for complex data types:

    Generated Object

    Generated Name of Object


    (Maximum 30 characters) proposed from the function module name

    IDoc structure

    (Maximum 30 characters) is derived from the message – the last two characters are extended by 01 (message <= 28 characters) or are replaced by 01 (message > 28 characters)


    By default, the segment name begins with E1 for SAP and Z1 for customers, or namespace /.../.

    A meaningful and unique segment name is assigned as follows:

    The segment name in the application system (max. 27 characters) is derived from the structure name:

    • If the structure name has less than or exactly 23 characters, the segment name is copied directly.

    • If the structure name has more than 23 characters, the system truncates it to 23 characters by cutting off the leading, 'less significant' part. A number is assigned to the remaining characters to ensure the shortened name is unique. If numbers 01 to 99 have already been used, numbers 100 to 999 are then assigned until the segment name is unique. This also ensures that new segment names are created each time the same structure is used in the complex data type.

    Example Example

    (Namensraum:/../) E1 or Z1 followed by 01..99 (shortened) structure name

    End of the example.

    For this reason we recommend you give the structure a meaningful name, but no longer than 23 characters.

    The segment name in SAP NetWeaver (maximum 10 characters) is derived from the corresponding structure type name. The structure type name is the text next to the segment name; for example, E1 or Z1, followed by the structure type name.

    If the segment name exceeds 10 characters, a dialog box appears for you to enter a suitable name. If a structure is used more than once in a complex data type, new segments names are required for the same structure.

    For each segment a technical field with name APPL_SNAME is inserted into the first line of the generated segment and filled by the ALE layer at runtime. This field indicates the application structure from which the segment has originated. It does not have a business meaning and is therefore not relevant for applications. This also means that no component in the structure of the complex data type is allowed to be called APPL_SNAME.

    Segments can be reused. This means that segments generated from the same structure can also be used in another IDoc type, provided the same structure is used in another complex data type.

  • The interface modules

    Generated Object

    Generated Name of Object

    Outbound function module

    Each IDoc always contains one application object only

    (Maximum 30 characters) ALE_function_module_name (default)

    Inbound function module

    IDocs are always transferred to the application individually or in packets of objects.

    (Maximum 30 characters) IDOC_INPUT_message (default)

Enhancements to an ALE interface that has already been released
  • Enhancements made by the interface owner (for example, SAP)

    The message type remains unchanged while a new IDoc type is being generated with extended segments as the successor of the existing IDoc type.

  • Enhancements made by third parties (such as customers or partners)

    A new ALE interface is generated, that is, a new message type and IDoc type from SAP and non-SAP segments that originate from the defined append structures. There can be multiple ALE interfaces for an application function module with a complex data type, if the complex data type is enhanced by third parties such as IBUs, partners, or customers using append structures, and a separate ALE interface is generated based on this.

More Information

Caution Caution


Fields must not be longer than 1000 bytes. The generated IDoc type can have up to 9999 segment types. At runtime, an IDoc can have up to 999,999 segment data.

End of the caution.