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  • You are logged on to the database as database system administrator or as a DBM operator.

  • The database is in the ONLINE operational state.

    Note that in ADMIN operational state, not all database properties are displayed.


  1. Select the database in the explorer tree.

  2. In the context menu of the database, choose Administration.

  3. Open the Overview tab page.

    Database: Properties






    Database name



    Operational state of the database


    Version of the database software

    Operating System

    Operating system of the database computer

    Installation Path

    Installation path of the database software

    Global Program Path

    More information: Glossary, Directory

    Global Data Path

    More information: Glossary, Directory

    Private Data Path

    More information: Glossary, Directory

    Run Directory Path

    Run Directory


    Displays warnings, for example if you need to carry out a backup.


    To change settings, choose the corresponding link (where available).

    Automatic Log Backup

    Activating or Deactivating Automatic Log Backup

    Command Monitor

    You can use the command monitor to analyze long-running SQL statements and identify bottlenecks.

    Resource Monitor

    You can use the resource monitor to monitor resource usage in the database and identify expensive SQL statements.

    Database Trace

    Creating a Database Trace

    Database Analyzer

    Starting or Stopping Database Analyzer

    Data Area Extension

    Activating or Deactivating Automatic Extension of the Data Area

    Automatic Recreation of Bad Indexes

    Activating or Deactivating the Automatic Recreation of Damaged I

    Automatic Statistics Update

    Activating or Deactivating the Automatic SQL Optimizer Statistics Update

    Database Event Dispatcher

    Managing Database Events


    Making Snapshots of the Data Area

    Data Cache



    Hit Rate

    The lower the hit rate, the poorer your system's performance.

    We recommend a hit rate of > 99% for the data cache.

More Information

Database Administration, Creating Databases