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The run directory of a database is the directory where the database system saves the configuration and log files of the database. If you enter a relative path when working with a database, the database system will always interpret this path as being relative to the run directory.

The default value for the run directory path is <global_data_path>\wrk\<database_name>\ or <private_data_path>\wrk\<database_name>\ (if you have configured a private data path during installation).

Note Note

To display the data paths for the database <database_name>, enter the following command on the command line:

dbmcli -d <database_name> -u <dbm_operator_name>,<dbm_operator_password> dbm_getpath DataPath

You require the name and password of a DBM operator.

End of the note.

The database system stores the run directory path in the RunDirectoryPath general database parameter.


Run directory of the DEMODB database

  • Microsoft Windows:


  • Unix and Linux:


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