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Procedure documentationImporting XUSER Entries from a File Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. Using a text editor, create the file from which you want to import XUSER entries.

    On each line of the file, specify the options for an XUSER entry and the set or clear command.

    You cannot use the –b option in the file.

    You can use any name for the file.

  2. To import the <file> into XUSER, enter the following command:

    xuser -b <file>


You import a file to XUSER containing the following:

-U MK –u MONA,RED –d DEMODB –n GENUA –t 90 –l 1 set


This creates the following XUSER entries:

· User key MK, user MONA, password RED, database name DEMODB, computer GENUA, timeout 90 seconds, isolation level 1.

· User key DK, user DAVID, password BLUE, atabase name DEMODB