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This document covers the general steps to take when installing SAP Fiori apps. Where necessary, these instructions refer to app-specific documentation.

System Landscape

The system landscape for SAP Fiori apps consists of different components for the back end and the front end. For more information, see Setup of SAP Fiori System Landscape with SAP HANA XS.

For the installation of SAP Gateway, we recommend using the Central Hub Deployment option, which means that you separate business content from front-end content. You therefore have to install components on a back-end server and a front-end server. For more information, see Deployment Options.


Depending on the type of SAP Fiori app that you want to install, you have set up the following software:

  • anyDB

  • SAP HANA, platform edition

  • SAP HANA Live for SAP Business Suite

  • SAP NetWeaver

  • SAP Business Suite product

For information about the required releases and support package stacks, see Installation Requirements (Analytical Apps).

SAP Fiori fact sheets require the SAP Fiori System Landscape with SAP HANA Database to be set up. For more information, see Setup of SAP Fiori System Landscape with SAP HANA Database.

Installation Tasks

The table lists the required installation tasks:




Relevant for


Front-End Server

Set up the front-end server.

See Setting Up the Front-End Server.

All apps



Set up the SAP HANA server.

See Setting Up the SAP HANA Server.

All analytical apps


Install SAP Web Dispatcher or any other reverse proxy.

See Installation of SAP Web Dispatcher.

All analytical apps


Front-End Server and Back-End Server

Install the required SAP Notes.

See Installation of SAP Notes (Transactional Apps, Fact Sheets).

See Installation of SAP Notes (Analytical Apps).

All apps



Set up the client.

See Setup of Clients.

All apps

Installation Tools


On the SAP HANA stack, you use the SAP HANA application lifecycle management tool to install the KPI modeling framework and the SAP Smart Business products for the analytical apps that you want to use.

Front-End Server

We recommend that you use Software Update Manager in combination with Maintenance Planner to install the components for the ABAP front-end server. This facilitates SAP NetWeaver-based application system upgrades, enhancement package updates, and support package installation, while offering a harmonized UI. Software Update Manager is shipped as part of the software logistics toolset (SL Toolset) 1.0 – independently of the applications.

You can download Software Update Manager from the download center on SAP Service Marketplace at published on SAP siteStart of the navigation path SAP Software Download Center Next navigation step Search for Software End of the navigation path. Search for Software Update Manager.

Maintenance Planner is the central point of access for all maintenance activities. It supports the installation of updates and upgrades and completely manages the maintenance activities for your whole solution, and is centrally accessible from SAP Support Portal. You can find more information on SAP Help Portal at


Alternatively, you can use SAP Add-On Installation Tool (transaction SAINT) for the installation. For more information, see the SAP Library for SAP Add-On Installation Tool on SAP Help Portal at of the navigation path SAP Add-On Installation Tool End of the navigation path.