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The extensibility concept allows you to create modification-free extensions for certain extensibility use cases. A modification-free application requires no modifications in the SAP-delivered standard application. This protects the customer investment and at the same time allows SAP upgrades to perform without interfering with the custom application.

The concept uses the extension capabilities of the UI components and the JavaScript classes.

A typical SAP-delivered standard application consists of bootstrap files, views, view controllers, and internationalization files. A custom application extends an SAP-delivered standard application and consists of the bootstrap file Component.js, which extends the Component.js of the SAP standard application, internationalization file, view fragments, views, and view controllers.

Modification-free extensions are possible in the following cases:

  • View extensions

  • View modifications

  • View replacements

  • Configuration for overriding or extending the navigation routes

  • Controller extension

  • Controller replacement

  • Extending the internationalization (i18n) strings

  • Overriding or adding OData service URLs

When the custom application is started, at runtime, the resources of both the SAP-delivered standard application and the custom application are merged to create a single runtime artifact. The Component.js in the custom application is merged with Component.js in the SAP-delivered standard application at runtime.


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At the end of all the steps to create a custom application that extends an SAP-delivered standard application, the SAP Fiori end-user gets to see a custom tile on the SAP Fiori Launchpad.