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Some analytical apps use the generic drill-down application to display the KPI data and to enable drill-down to detail views. For these apps, you must install only the KPI modeling framework; no further installation of product-specific front-end components is required.

SAP Smart Business products consist of specific front-end server components for their analytical apps to display the KPI data and enable specific navigation to detail views, and SAP HANA server components (such as the XSOData service). These products contain the back-end components and front-end components for all of their analytical apps in separate instances. You have to install these instances on the respective server (front-end server or SAP HANA server).

More Information

  • For more information about the installation of the server components, see Product Installation Information in the documentation of the respective SAP Smart Business product.

  • For more information about the generic drill-down application, see the SAP Library for SAP Smart Business on SAP Help Portal at   Tools   SAP Smart Business, Component for KPI Modeling   Generic Drill-Down Application  .

  • For information about whether an app uses the generic drill-down application, see the app-specific SAP Fiori documentation.