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Adding Internal Key Figures to a Fact SheetLocate this document in the navigation structure


To integrate an internal key figure, you change the annotation file as follows:

  1. In the annotation file, search for the term DataPoint, or add a new DataPoint term as described in the following example.

  2. Copy the complete annotation that contains the DataPoint description.

  3. Change the necessary properties.

  4. Save your changes.


You add a second key figure to your fact sheet. For the latest version of the annotation file, see:

</Annotation> <Annotation Term="UI.DataPoint" Qualifier="01">  <Record>   <PropertyValue Property="Title" String="<%= otr(/SAPSRM/CH_WD_UI_BO/TARGET_VALUE)%>"/>   <PropertyValue Property="Value" Path="TOTAL_VALUE"/>   <PropertyValue Property="NumberFormat      <Record>        <PropertyValue Property="NumberOfFractionalDigits" Int="1" />      </Record>   </PropertyValue>  </Record> </Annotation> 

The DataPoint term defines a key figure as follows:

  • With a label that is described by an OTR alias (/SAPSRM/CH_WD_UI_BO/TARGET_VALUE) coming from the back-end system.

  • The value of the key figure is derived from the field TOTAL_VALUE of the corresponding OData service.

  • The value is displayed as a number (Number Format), with one digit (NumberOfFractionalDigits" Int="1").

You adapt the annotation file by changing the following properties:

  • Replace the qualifier with <Annotation Term="UI.DataPoint" Qualifier="nnn">, for the second key figure. nnn represents any name.

  • Change the OTR alias to replace the label of the key figure.

  • The value of the key figure can be derived from a different field of the OData service, such as NET_VALUE.

  • Change the number of digits to 2 by NumberOfFractionalDigits" Int="2".