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The basic ingredients for the authorization concept for SAP Fiori Launchpad are the authorizations in the ABAP back-end server and the authorizations to access the OData services in the SAP NetWeaver Gateway in the ABAP front-end server.

All SAP Fiori apps are launched via SAP Fiori Launchpad. The SAP Fiori apps are delivered with SAP Fiori Launchpad catalogs and UI PFCG roles. A user is offered catalogs of applications in SAP Fiori Launchpad based on the UI PFCG role assigned to the user. The front-end user with the according UI PFCG role may then select a group of favorite apps from of the catalogs.

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The catalog of SAP Fiori apps with provides information about the specific UI PFCG Role required for each app.

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In addition, a technical role is needed for the SAP Fiori Launchpad. SAP delivers a predefined set of technical objects for the SAP Fiori Launchpad, in particular the required profiles, which you can copy to set up your own catalogs for the roles within your company

In order to use the SAP Fiori apps, corresponding back-end PFCG roles are provided and adjusted. The UI PFCG roles bundle all front-end privileges required for execution of the apps. Through the user assignment to back-end roles, additional privileges are provided to execute the application or OData service.

Fact sheets additionally require authorization roles in the front end, which grant the users authorizations for the ICF services and business server pages (BSP) for the fact sheets.

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