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SAP Business Suite on HANA features an ABAP engine, which is used for transactional applications, and an XS Engine, which is used for analytical applications running on the same HANA database instance. Back-end application artifacts and application content are stored in the HANA database, as illustrated in the figure below.

In addition, the UI apps are deployed on a central SAP ABAP NetWeaver server, which also contains the UI Service Add-on for the shell services and the Gateway Add-on for the OData enablement of the ABAP-based Suite system.

The SAP HANA XS Engine provides a separate OData channel. The Web Dispatcher routes the HTML and OData requests.

Figure 1: System Landscape for Transactional Apps

Figure 2: System Landscape for SAP Fiori Analytical Apps

Fiori apps are created using HTML5 and SAPUI5. For some extensions, the underlying jQuery JS library may be used. All supported form factors and operating systems are supported with one development project and a single code line per user interface app.