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For KPIs that you modeled in the KPI Modeler tool, you can specify navigational targets by defining target mappings. When a user opens a tile to view more details or to perform additional tasks, the target defines what application is opened.

Note Note

Configuring navigational targets is mandatory for all KPIs that you created by using the KPI Modeler tool. For KPIs that are delivered as part of the app-specific content, navigational targets are already defined. However, if you want to specify different targets or use custom applications as targets, you can customize or extend the provided content.

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You can configure different target mappings for different KPIs and assign the target mappings to different PFCG roles. By specifying targets based on roles in this way, you can control where users are directed according to the type of information they need to view and the tasks they need to perform based on their job. For example, you can configure two role-based targets for one KPI so that the application opened for managers is different from the application opened for accountants.

SAP Fiori Launchpad determines the navigational target for a KPI based on the combination of the semantic object and the semantic action that are associated with a KPI.


  • You have made any required custom applications available for use as targets.


For determining the navigational target, the following rules apply:


Technical Name

Semantic Object

Specify the semantic object for a KPI in the KPI modeler.

For the technical name of the KPIs used by the SAP Fiori apps, in the SAP Fiori Apps section, in the app-specific documentation, see the App Implementation section.

If there is no entry in the Semantic Object field, the KPI measure name is used a semantic object.

Semantic Action

Specify the semantic action for a given KPI in the KPI modeler.

If there is no entry in the Action field, the default value is analyzeKPIDetails.

SAP provides a fallback configuration that uses the generic drill-down app as navigational target; this is valid for all semantic objects and semantic action analyzeKPIDetails. Therefore, only if you want to use another drill-down app for certain KPIs, you need to configure navigational targets.

For example, if you configure a different drill-down app as navigational target for the following combination, it is used, instead of the fallback configuration that SAP provides:

  • Semantic object: DaysSalesOutstanding

  • Semantic action: analyzeKPIDetails

For more information about how to configure a target for a KPI, see the following documentation:

  • For SAP NetWeaver 7.3, see SAP Library for User Interface Add-On 1.0 on SAP Help Portal at   Application Help   SAP Fiori Launchpad   Configuring Launchpad Navigation   Configuring Target Mapping  .

  • For SAP NetWeaver 7.4, see the documentation on SAP Help Portal at   Application Help   UI Technologies in SAP NetWeaver   UI Frameworks based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS   SAP Fiori Launchpad   Configuring Launchpad Navigation   Configuring Target Mapping  .