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In addition to assigning the required roles to users, you must define and assign analytic privileges. While the roles granted to a user define from which views the user can retrieve data, if your organization also restricts the specific entries or rows in the views, you must define additional analytic privileges in SAP HANA, based on these restrictions.


  1. Identify the current restrictions your organization has placed on entries in the SAP HANA Live views.

  2. Based on these restrictions, create analytic privileges using SAP HANA modeler.

  3. Grant the analytic privileges to the appropriate users.

Recommendation Recommendation

If your organization has set up existing authorizations in the ABAP system that you want to similarly apply to the views in SAP HANA, we recommend using the Eclipse plug-in SAP HANA Live Authorization Assistant for SAP HANA studio. It supports the generation of analytic privileges for query views by transforming users’ ABAP authorizations to appropriate SAP HANA analytic privileges.

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More Information

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