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For each user, you must ensure that a corresponding SAP HANA database user exists. A user requires both a user in the ABAP front-end server to enable navigation in the SAP Fiori launchpad and a database user in SAP HANA to enable access to the relevant views.

SAP supports the following methods for synchronizing SAP HANA database users with the existing users in the ABAP system:

  • User synchronization using SAP NetWeaver Identity Management or an existing Identity Management (IDM) solution implemented in your organization

  • Mass user synchronization using ABAP DBMS user management tools

  • Manual user creation in SAP HANA

Note Note

When synchronizing users, you do not need to create passwords for SAP HANA database users if you use single sign-on.

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  • You have created the required users in the ABAP front-end server.

  • You have enabled single sign-on.

  • For manual user creation, you have the SAP HANA system privilege USER ADMIN.

Mass Synchronization

To synchronize all relevant users automatically for a single ABAP system, use the mass synchronization report provided in SAP Note 1927767.

Using this report, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the relevant ABAP users based on user type, user group, and ABAP authorization role.

  2. Select the SAP HANA roles to be assigned to the relevant users.

By default, SAP HANA database users are created with the same name as the ABAP users.

Manual User Creation

Alternatively, to manually create users in SAP HANA:

  1. In SAP HANA studio, go to the SAP HANA Systems view, choose   Security   Users  .

  2. Create the required database users and ensure that the user names are identical to the corresponding users in the ABAP system.

More Information

For information about using ABAP DBMS user management tools, see   Application Help   Function-Oriented View   Security   Identity Management   User and Role Administration of Application Server ABAP   Administration of Users and Roles   User Administration with DBMS User Management  .

For more information about creating users in SAP HANA, see the SAP Help Portal at   System Administration and Maintenance Information   SAP HANA Administration Guide   Managing SAP HANA Users   User Provisioning   Creating Users  .