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A SPAM/SAINT Update (SPAM update for short) contains updates and improvements to Support Package Manager and Add-On Installation Tool. There is always one SPAM update for each release. This update is updated accordingly. To find out which version you are using, look at the following in your system:

  • Short description , for example: SPAM/SAINT update - version <REL>/0001

  • in the package name, for example: SAPKD<REL>01

The latest SPAM update is also available in SAP Support Portal, under

Recommendation Recommendation

Make sure you always have the most recent SPAM update before importing Support Packages or Installation Packages.

End of the recommendation.


You can only import a SPAM update if there are no terminated packages in the system.

A dialog box informs you if there are any terminated packages. You then have two options:

  • Import the entire queue to begin with and then the SPAM update.

  • Delete the queue, import the SPAM update, then import the queue.

    Note Note

    You can only delete the queue if module Import 1 has not yet started (up to phase SCHEDULE_RDDIMPDP).

    End of the note.


  1. Call Support Package Manager (transaction SPAM).

  2. Check if the SPAM update offered is newer than the one in your system.

  3. To import the most recent SPAM update, choose   Support Package   Import SPAM update  .

    SPAM updates are automatically confirmed once they have been imported.