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The application provides a standardized and centralized framework to design, test, and maintain roles. The basic role maintenance process, as suggested by most system and security administrators, involves the steps described below.

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The process described below is an example. A company's process may be different, and may have more or less steps. The application allows you to customize the steps as required. For more information, see Role Creation Methodology.

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Maintaining and Changing Role Settings

The process described below is an end-to-end process for creating roles. Once you have created a role, you can use the Go to Phase button to go directly to a stage and change the information. For example, to change the authorizations, open the role and then go to the Maintain Authorization phase.

Note Note

To edit a role, on the Business Role Management screen, you must select the role, and then choose the Open button. For some phases, such as Define Role and Maintain Authorizations, you must also choose the Edit button at the top of the phase screen.

If you select the role by choosing its name, the application displays the role in read-only mode. All the buttons are disabled and you can only view the information.

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  • Outside the application, you have identified your business needs, and evaluated your approach for managing roles.

  • In the application, you have maintained the role methodology process and steps by:

    • Completing the activities in the Customizing activity Define Methodology Processes and Steps, under   Governance, Risk, and Compliance   Access Control   Role Management  

    • Activating the business configuration (BC) set for Role Management Methodology Process and Steps


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Role Management Process